September Annual Dues

NOTE - we are NOT accepting PayPal as a way to pay your dues. Only Zelle!

Sending Electronic Payments to Pack 365
The following provides step-by-step instructions for making electronic payments to Cub Scout Pack 365.
Note: These steps were created using a personal bank account, on a mobile device. Therefore,
your steps might be slightly different, depending on how you are accessing Zelle.
1. Click Send Money With Zelle.
2. From the Send Money with Zelle screen, click Send.
3. On the Select Recipient screen, choose Add Recipient.
4. On the Recipient Details screen, enter the required information. For my example, I typed “Cub
Scout” in the First Name field and “Pack 365” in the Last Name field.
5. Type the email associated with the account, Note that this account
is connected to the Knightdale United Methodist Church account.
6. On the Send From screen, select the account where you want the payment to come from, for
example “MyChkAcct”.
7. On the Enter Amount screen, type the amount you want to send to the Pack. For example,
8. Click Review.
9. On the Review & Send screen, type a Memo to help our Treasurer determine where to post the
payment. For example, “Christopher Heath’s Scout Dues”.
10. Click Send.
11. Wait to see the confirmation screen.
12. Click All Done.

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